Friday, May 09, 2008

Morning shock

Every morning the hospice team gets a text message from the supervisors informing us of any staff that is off for the day and any overnight deaths. Yesterday I had one patient that was actively dying so I was not surprised to read her name. However, the next name gave me pause. "Edna" has been one of my favorite patients the last few months. She is just a sweetheart and we get along famously. My last visit with her was yesterday morning and she was perfectly fine. She had congestive heart failure, meaning her heart could go at any moment. Apparently that moment was last night. Beth, her hospice nurse, called me soon after we got the text message. She was in shock too. As much as we know our patients are going to die- they are in hospice afterall- it is sometimes hard to believe. Edna had none of the classic signs and symptoms, proof that truly only God knows when our time will be. I'm just glad that I was able to see her one last time. I had debated about if I should go yesterday or wait until today but I followed an unknown instinct to stop by yesterday. We talked about her favorite show Dancing with the Stars, sports, music, and Mother's Day. Next weekend her granddaughter is getting married and the family was going to recreate the wedding for Edna since she would not be able to attend (it's going to be on a cruise ship.) Unreal. I'm hoping to go to the wake on Monday. I don't always go to the services but I'm going to do my best to pay my respects to Edna and her family.

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