Sunday, June 01, 2008

Fried Pickles

Spears and slices, take your pick

If you've never been in the Peru-Mendota area, chances are you've never heard of La Grotto's. And chances are even better that you've never heard of fried pickles. And that, my friends, is a travesty. Three of my good college friends are from Peru and Mendota. There's not much to do in those parts but they do have a shining jewel in La Grotto's restaurant. Fantastic pizza and amazing fried pickles. So it was after our freshman year of college, 8 of my closest friends and I went on a camping trip that naturally incorporated a visit to La Grotto's. I've been hooked on fried pickles ever since. I'm unaware of local restaurants that offer this tasty appetizer but it is all the rage in Southern states. Every time I visit Tracy and Joel in Nashville, I make sure to get at least one order in.

Lately I've had fried pickles on the brain. I haven't been able to get back to Nashville since January and I've been craving a fried pickle dipped in Ranch dressing like nobody's business. What else could I do? I decided to track down a recipe and make them myself. Last night I attempted to create this delicacy for Annie's School's Out party (a celebration of her last day as a teacher and first day of summer). It was a bit of work but the fried pickles were a hit! I'm not sure how soon I'll attempt them again- especially as summer draws near- but I'm glad to know that I'm able to make such a wonderful treat.

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