Sunday, June 29, 2008

White Sox Winner!

I went into this weekend's Crosstown Classic with a hopeful heart but still recovering from last weekend's massacre. Friday afternoon I had to visit at pt. at one of my nursing homes, which just happens to hold a lot of Sox and Cub fan residents. Of course every floor had the game on so I was able to check the score in between my visit. When I arrived at the facility, the score was 1-0. I was pleased to see this. When I was done visiting with my pt., I looked at the score again. 8-0! I was even more pleased! My first thought: What a reversal of fortune from last weekend. And my hopes were even more raised but like any good Sox fan, I didn't want to jinx it so I kept these thoughts to myself. I watched the rest of the game at home and it was thrilling to the end. My mom and Grandpa were even watching- and my mom never watches baseball. A minute after the game ended, mom called me to congratulate me on JD's amazing 9th inning catch! She's too cute.

Saturday Brooke and I went to the game. I was a little nervous because my record has not been good in attending Crosstown Classics. Pretty sure I'm 0 for 3 (we lost even the year I had to sell my ticket!) Still, we both wore our Ozzie's Angels tank tops. I wore the 2005 black one and Brooke wore the white version we created last year. Brooke had her Sox naval ring in and was wearing her Sox necklace- she is sure these are lucky items and noted that she was unfortunately not wearing them last weekend. The game was an amazing nail-biter to the end! We were sitting by lots of dedicated Sox fans which made it even more exciting. There's nothing like high-fiving a whole row of strangers and this game gave us lots of reasons to do that! Our tank tops were a big hit as always- one guy said it was the best original shirt he'd ever seen. Why yes, sir. It is.

I watched tonight's game on tv while I studied for my LCSW test. Of course it's hard to focus on studying but the test is on Tuesday... Sweeping the Cubs was a dream but I didn't know how attainable it would be. I held my breath every inning. I told Jill last night on our marathon walk that it would be interesting to be hooked up to an EKG during one of these games. I get just a little bit worked up. I'm sure that's hard for you all to imagine! I'm so, so happy that we won once again! To sweep the Cubs after last weekend: priceless. But am I going to rub it in their faces? No. Sox fans don't do that. A Cubs fan always starts instigating. Do I defend my team? Of course. But do I start saying crap? No. I don't think that I need to do that. I'm confident in my team. It's been a great season so far, shaky at times but enjoyable to watch nonetheless. And lest I jinx myself, I will sign off now...


Anonymous said...

Hey, remember when we never stopped walking? Ever?

HopefulLSW said...

Pretty sure we walked at least 8 miles. Insane! Let's do it again!