Sunday, July 06, 2008

Busy, busy, busy

It finally happened. I've reached the business levels of my youth, or at least of my mid-20s. Somehow every weekend is booked through the end of August. And September is fast disappearing. Between Sox games, weddings, music festivals, work on-call (yuck), and church responsibilities, my time is becoming a hot commodity. Lest you think this business is reserved only for the weekend, my weeknights are consumed with Book Club, Dinner Club, coffee with old friends, dinner with current friends, and so on and so forth. (At least Book Club and Dinner Club are just once a month!) I feel ridiculous telling my best pals that we'll have to schedule something 2 weeks out. How on earth did I used to live like this? I am now more accustomed to at least 1 or 2 nights in. The truth is I really need that time at home, whether to relax, catch up on laundry and errands, or watch my current favorite reality tv show. None of these activities are a bad thing. I just need to strive for balance.

In great news- I passed my LCSW test on Tuesday! Hurrah! It is such a relief to have that over with. Now I just need to fill out my application and it will all be official. God remains silent over what lies in my future career wise but I'm hoping to have some direction within the next year. I figure I should either move on by then or consider myself a hospice lifer. Ironic term, eh?

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