Sunday, August 10, 2008

Intimate White Sox Moments

Brooke's new boyfriend Dan scored us some awesome patio seats for last night's game. He works for US Cellular and got some extra tickets. This was the first time I met Dan. Clearly he thought that giving me free Sox tickets and free food and drinks (patio perks) would win me over. And clearly he is a smart guy! But I'm not so easily bought- although Dan is definitely a nice guy and a good person to know if you're a Sox fan. The patio is like the Garden of Eden of The Cell. Potato salad, fried chicken, ribs, plus the usual baseball food! We were able to sit right by the warning track and watch the players warm up. JD was literally 15 feet away from me. My camera has a horrible zoom so I don't have good player pictures to post, unless if you want to see Matasuzaka warming up for the Red Sox (the opposing team's bullpen is right next to the patio). Still, I was content to watch JD toss the ball around. He threw the ball over to Wise, then turned to look into the patio. He made direct eye contact with me. And then...he waved. At me!!! I was in heaven! Dan, Ricky, and Brooke will testify to my giddiness. Our seats in the stands were right behind JD so my happiness was made complete. Unfortunately, the game did not go so well. (Don't even get me started on Boone Logan!) But when Jermaine Dye waves at you, nothing much else matters for the night.

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