Saturday, October 11, 2008

Cross it off the list!

The hospice team with Jim pre-jump

"Jim" went skydiving yesterday! What an experience! Unfortunately, I did not jump with him, thanks to the residual effects of Thursday's migraine. I'm hoping to go in the spring, or else when the hospice chaplain celebrates his 60th birthday in July- it seems we're all inspired to take a leap of faith. I'm not sure if Jim will still be living then but if he is, I know he and the hospice volunteer Gary will come support me. And if he has passed away, then I will jump in his memory. It truly was inspiring to watch him yesterday, ever calm, cool, and collected. The Skydive Chicago staff were incredible! So accomodating and similarly impressed by Jim's chutzpah. He's glad he did it- but I think also glad to be back on the ground!


Christian Sinclair, MD said...

Thanks for posting the pictures. What a bummer you did not get to go! It is still a great story! So did you fill this out as a visit?

HopefulLSW said...

I was able to use it as a visit. The word from the Higher Ups was I could only chart if I didn't jump. Something about skydiving being a liability!