Sunday, January 11, 2009

Cancer blog

I read the obituaries every day, just skimming for patients names. A couple of weeks ago, the obit for Kindra McLennan caught my eye. She was only 30, pretty, a clinical counselor, and she died of cancer. Today the Chicago Tribune ran a story about the blog she started when she was first diagnosed. Often patients and family members begin blogging as a way to update family and friends but it sometimes turns into a therapeutic tool. Kindra's blog holds great insight as to how she coped with each triumph and setback; she writes with candor and humor. The Tribune article noted that even on her sickest days, she would hold unofficial counseling sessions for her friends, always trying to help others. The article and the blog are very inspiring.
If you don't have time to peruse the whole blog, these are of note:
First Meeting with Radiation Oncologist
Week 1 Complete
Notice of Eviction.
I heart New York City!
Our worst fears confirmed.

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