Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Today I found out that a patient is requesting a different social worker because she thinks I look too young. I met with her briefly in May to discuss some insurance issues and spoke with her recently by phone to address some questions about hospice services. At no time did she appear concerned by my age or youthful looks. She only lets the nurse come once every 2 weeks and has not wanted to receive visits from any of the other disciplines. Now that her condition is worsening, she apparently is open to a social worker. Per the nurse, while this pt. enjoyed the visit we had in May, she is concerned that I wouldn't be able to understand her particular situation since I'm close to the age of her stepsons (who incidentally do not live in the home.) Clearly because I'm 30 years younger than her I would have no clue on how to counsel her and my masters degree and 4 years of hospice experience mean nothing. I feel like I need to record testimonials from the hundreds of patients I've helped over the years that did not let a silly thing like my age get in the way of the service I provide. I respect this patient's ridiculous choice and hope she doesn't find some inane fault with the next social worker.

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