Tuesday, January 13, 2009

This is why I love my job

The patients I've met in the past few months have been extraordinarily interesting.
A couple married for 70 years and still radiantly in love

A man who helped build the Sears Tower (I was in awe of his courage)

A woman who was heavily involved in promoting a woman's right to vote and began several activist groups in her town...and continued to do her part after suffering a stroke at age 40...after the birth of her 6th son. Talk about strength!

A Holocaust survivor

A man with early onset Alzheimers who was vice president of a Fortune 500 company prior to diagnosis. He then became involved with the Rush Alzheimers support group, spoke around the country about early onset, and was involved in a research study. He was passionate about doing his part so that we can someday find a cure.

A man who was a steeplejack, a trade he learned from his uncle that no longer exists

A man whose father was shot in a bar fight (picture a typical cowboy Western saloon) two months before he was born...and his life grew ever more interesting after that (I'm going to videotape his story starting this week- he is a fascinating storyteller!)

A woman who married losers twice before finding the love of her life- third time's the charm!

An African refugee who got HIV after being raped by camp guards. She's one of the most inspirational, positive people I've ever met.

A man who served with the Marines for several years and loves showing me the yearbooks featuring their missions. Despite struggling with ALS, he always has a smile on his face.

And the list goes on...


Rick said...

Hugh, this almost makes me miss being there. There are some great people you meet aren't there?

busyman said...

Hooray for Social Workers!

I found your blog and I am now enjoying your posts!

Keep up the great work!

HopefulLSW said...

Rick, is Hugh some new nickname I don't know about or did you forget who you were writing to? :)

And to Busyman- glad you found me! Us social workers definitely have to stick together.