Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bucket List Update

Several of you have wondered what Jim, my Bucket List patient, has been up to lately. The last time I wrote about him, he had just gone skydiving and lived to tell the tale. Jim has slowed down somewhat since then but he's still whittling down his Bucket List as best as he can. In the next couple of months, we'll be working on getting him out for a ride on a racetrack and traveling down to Springfield to visit Lincoln Memorial. Right now I'm not sure that either will be possible because of his increased weakness and lethargy but I'm trying to stay optimistic. Jim, of course, is always optimistic! I tracked down a Bible on DVD so he could start working on his goal of "reading" the entire Bible. His eyesight has been playing tricks on him so it has worked out better for him to see and hear the words on a bigger screen. This has also helped him with another BL item: starting a Bible study with friends. Two men have been coming over Friday afternoons to discuss a few passages of Scripture and Jim seems to really enjoy this interaction.

This morning I took Jim and Jan to Spain. Well, I wish I could have taken them on the real trip but we made do by bringing Spain to Jim. I rented two Spain travel DVDs, made them cafe con leche, and showed them pictures from my vacation. Jan rummaged up a Spanish music CD, some marzipan (so good!), and even some castenets. We had a nice fiesta together and Jim felt he had a better understanding of what the country was like. He still wishes he could go there himself but this was a good Plan B.

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That's a lovely thing to do.