Sunday, February 01, 2009


No matter how badly you know you need a vacation, there's usually a sense of guilt that accompanies time off from helping professions. Guilt that you won't be there for your patients/clients, maybe guilt that your coworkers may have to do some follow-up or take over your caseload. Tomorrow I leave to visit a friend in Madrid for a week. I can happily report that this time I feel no such guilt about taking some time for myself, perhaps due to my current level of burn out. In any case, I hope that this time away will be refreshing and that I will come back with tales of adventure.


Tim Earl said...

I'm very inspired by your blog. I'm a social work undergrad in Wyoming. I'm considering hospice care myself. Which, you know, is how I found your blog. Glad I can just click a few keys and leave you a note.


The Dotterel said...

Have a great holiday!