Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The Future of Homecare

I recently received an email from my executive director regarding Obama's proposed $13.4 billion Medicare home health benefit cut (over 5 years). I haven't had time to research this further and I rarely send out information that I have not double checked for myself but so far this does appear to be true. I love the premise of extending health care coverage to all Americans but I don't think it should come at the expense of those needing home healthcare. If people are unable to acess home health or hospice services, we will be doing them a great disservice and ourselves as well.

"The President's FY 10 budget proposes to cut home health services by $13 billion over five years to help finance health care reform. This proposal would lead to the loss of home health services by over a million beneficiaries as it will result in the closure of nearly two-thirds of all home health providers. The likely outcome for these patients is more expensive institutional care. Home health care is a proven cost saver for the Medicare program. It enables beneficiaries to live with independence and dignity in their homes and communities with their families and friends." -National Association for Home Care and Hospice

You can click here to send a letter of concern to your elected officials. has good statistics on how home care and hospice saves money while helping people achieve greater quality of life. It also has other tips on how you can take action.

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