Tuesday, April 21, 2009

They call me the Dog Whisperer

I have become dear friends with a patient's dog, Murphy. He is one of the sweetest dogs I've encountered in awhile (but of course, no dog compares to my mom's dog Tucker!) I've visited this patient 3 times now and every time without fail Murphy has shown his affection for me. Within seconds of sitting down on the couch, Murphy will jump up on the couch and curl up next to me or sprawl out across my lap. His owners apparently have never seen him do this with anyone! I don't think I treat dogs differently than anyone else so I'm surprised by my affect on Murphy too.

I'm starting to provide some respite for Murphy's owners while the wife is at work. They have some financial troubles and while we wait for the DORS referral to go through, the hospice team is filling in for some respite along with volunteers through their church. I headed out there this morning for a few hours. The patient was watching a movie on TV- Eraser- and we both chuckled about how Schwarzenegger is a governor now. Then we thought we shouldn't laugh too much because of the sad state of affairs concerning our former governors. The morning passed by easily enough, with one exception. Since the movie was on TV, we had to deal with commercials and there was one in particular that made things a little awkward. Ever seen those KY Intrigue or Yours and Mine commercials? Then just imagine being a 29 year old female sitting with a 58 year old male while not one but three commercials were played. I think we both pretended like we didn't notice!

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