Thursday, May 07, 2009


Christianity Today online featured these two worthwhile articles:
An excerpt of a famous Puritan funeral sermon titled "A Believer's Last Day, His Best Day."
A mother reflects on her son's suicide and the impact on her faith.
"Kheriaty closed his message with a meditation on the Prince of Peace.
'On the cross and in his agony, our Lord suffered not just our physical afflictions, but our mental anguish as well. Out of the depths we cry to him, and he reaches down into our depths to raise us up with him. God knows the depth of our suffering. He knows our fragile heart. And Christ's own heart, a heart of flesh, a heart both human and divine, is merciful beyond measure. It is in this mercy that we place our hope. It is into these hands stretched out on the cross in a gesture of love that we entrust Gabriel.'
Amen. When I think of all that Gabriel suffered in this life, I do not understand. I find it difficult to trust God or engage him with the intimacy I once enjoyed. And yet every day, I inhale moments of grace. I am immeasurably grateful for the privilege of being Gabriel's mother. By faith, I now see my serendipitous meeting with Aaron Kheriaty not as a cosmic joke, but as evidence of God's immanence."

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