Saturday, May 02, 2009

Bucket List goes to Springfield

This has been a crazy week. I worked 10-hour days so I could have Tuesday off without taking a PTO day. And I needed Tuesday off so "Jim" could cross off another item from his Bucket List. Even though skydiving counted as a work day, apparently Springfield was too far away to count as a work day but there was no way I was going to miss out on this experience! Jim wanted to go to the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum and since the weather is nicer, we decided it was time to go. RN Beth and her husband Bill were able to join us, along with Jim's wife Jan. We left at 6:30 am- yep, I'm a trooper! The day took a toll on Jim but he was so glad to be there! The museum is an incredible experience. I mean, they have holograms! How cool is that? You really must go if you ever get a chance.

Jim, me, and Beth (hiding behind Mary) pose with the Lincoln family

We explored the museum from top to bottom and then headed back home around 2 pm. We topped off the day with dinner in Glen Ellyn. Jim's hospice volunteer Gary and his wife Margaret were able to join us for dinner. It's so neat to see how Jim and Jan have affected our lives and how we have come to affect their lives. We could all talk about boundaries here but I admit it- I don't have good boundaries when it comes to this couple. They completely snuck their way into my heart. I do fear the day that Jim really starts to decline. We're used to this slow progression. The flipside is that we are so clearly making a difference in this man's life. I now have weekly prebereavement sessions with Jan and this has really helped her to take better care of herself and start preparing for some of the changes that lie ahead.

Jim said that our trip to Springfield exceeded his expectations. He was a little disappointed that it was over with since he'd been looking forward to the museum for so long. He still has quite a few Bucket List items to go. Somehow I think he'll be looking forward to the next BL item soon!

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one of the lincon boys is sure sporting a thug like poise for he 1800s