Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Memorial resource

I attended a patient's wake this afternoon. "W" was on hospice for a little under 2 months; he and his wife "F" absolutely stole our hearts. They celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary earlier this year. One of W's proudest moments has been meeting several US presidents and a big picture of him with George and Barbara Bush is featured prominently in the house. (Kind of makes me calling him "W" ironic!) I knew before I left for CO that W would probably die soon. I'm just glad that I was back at work in time to go to the wake. The family was glad that I and hospice RN Liz came and let us know how much we helped them. It's always nice to hear that from families. The family put together quite a tribute to W using a resource I've not seen before. Making Everlasting Memories is used for all types of occasions, including weddings, graduations, and funerals. There's a beautiful album, a biography, and special pictures. It was so interesting to learn even more about W's life and see how his family described him. Just a neat special touch! The Everlasting Memorial is pricey at $595 but a wonderful keepsake just the same. The online memorial component is a nice feature for families and friends who do not live near each other.

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