Friday, May 01, 2009

Paul's Proposal

Since I last wrote about Paul, he has had a few ups and downs but more importantly, he has celebrated his 97th birthday. He's feeling pretty confident he'll make it to #100. Of course, if he does, I probably won't be there to celebrate as he would be far outside the bounds of hospice-appropriateness. But until that day, I'll keep on visiting him every week. Last week Paul had had quite a change in condition and was back to his bed for a couple of days, not eating much, and a bit more confused. Yesterday he greeted me at the door with his cane in tow. He definitely keeps us guessing! Paul wanted to reminisce about his sweet deceased wife "Athena." She has been gone for almost 3 years, something that Paul marvels over as if her death happened yesterday. And after 72 years of marriage, it's no wonder his eyes still get misty. However, Paul told me a couple of times he wasn't going to cry about it today. I probed his insistence on keeping the tears at bay but it turned out that he felt he had cried enough and he didn't feel like feeling sad this particular day. He shared some happy memories about their marriage and how they were able to communicate about anything and everything. All of a sudden he peered at me and said he couldn't remember if I said I was married. I told him I wasn't. He then smiled at me and offered this gem. "No one could compare to my wife but you come real close!" With a twinkle in his eye, he then told me that if he makes it to 100, we should get married. Such a sweetheart! As much as I joke about wanting a sugar daddy, I don't have an ounce of gold digger inside. I think if Paul does indeed make it another 3 years and I'm still single, I'll have to pass on his offer. Still, it's nice to know that men in their 90s appreciate me!

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