Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Poor Fairygodmother

It is with great sadness that I report the demise of Fairygodmother Foundation. FF is/was a wish-granting organization for terminally-ill adults, aka Make-a-Wish for grown-ups. The organization was based in Chicago and I had the honor of using them for a few wishes while I was doing my fieldwork placement with Horizon Hospice. One of the most memorable wishes involved an elderly Southside man "Theo" with Alzheimers. He loved jazz and really connected to the music in spite of his illness. Unfortunately his family had severely neglected and stole from him; he was back in his house with a court-appointed guardian but he had no stereo so he couldn't listen to anything. I would bring a CD player with me on my visits and he would come to life, sharing all kinds of stories from his past. FF bought him his own CD player, located CDs of his favorite jazz artists (some of whom he had known!), and put together a special party for him. It was incredible!

Once I was hired by my current employer, I tried to look for ways I could use FF again with my own patients but no one had any big dreams that needed an extra boost or else they were able to pay for everthing already. In August I attempted to use FF for my Bucket List patient but FF called me to let me know they were so backed up on wish applications that it would be quite some time before they could grant Jim's wish to go skydiving. So we just did it on our own. This brings us to the present. I have a patient that wants to go to AZ for one last hurrah. When I tried to bring up FF's website, it wouldn't come up under any of the search engines. The phone number has also been disconnected. It looks like this nonprofit is no more. I have no idea what happened but I'm sure the current economy didn't help. I'll be using The Dream Foundation for the AZ wish and hopefully they'll be as amazing as Fairygodmother was. If anyone knows what happened to FF, please let me know!

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