Monday, June 01, 2009

Great Day

Even though I'm behind on end-of-the-month charting, this was an undeniably great day. Because of said charting and other random business, I only made 3 visits but there was no doubting that I made a comforting connection at each home. I won't delve into the minutiae of each visit- I don't have the luxury of time tonight. However, I will share the "evidence" of my great day.

First I saw a patient that is one of my regular weekly visits. We skipped last week due to Memorial Day. When I arrived we caught up on what the patient and his wife had been up to and then the patient asked me if I liked pineapple upside down cake. His wife had made some yesterday and they wanted to share the wealth. She sent me home with a big slice which I think I will save as a treat for tomorrow. (I was in more of an ice cream mood tonight.)

Next I met with an 18 yo girl for whom I've been providing bereavement care. She graduated from high school last weekend so there was much for us to process. One of the highlights of the visit was the pitbull puppy her boyfriend had bought for her 3 days ago. Blue was the cutest, tiniest puppy I've ever seen! He provided some good comic relief amidst the seriousness of our conversation. It's been really neat to watch this girl progress since her dad died in the fall. She used to never share her feelings with anyone but she has always talked openly to me. As we've worked together on developing her coping skills, she has found herself to be more open with other people and is slowly but surely integrating this great loss into her life.

Finally I met with the family of an actively dying nursing home patient. The patient's daughter, granddaughter, and 6 yo great-grandson "R" were there. I visited with the family for about an hour and a half. R was a trooper, doing his best to entertain himself in a room full of woman. He announced to us all that there were 4 women in the room and he was the only boy. He seemed unsure about these odds, even as we assured him that one day he would love this! R sang a Springtime song to me complete with motions- so cute! He eventually settled down with a coloring book. When it was time for me to go, he asked me to wait because he was coloring this picture for me. He quickly finished coloring in the race cars, added "From R" on the bottom, and presented me with his gift. I was so touched that this little boy would want me to have one of his drawings! It's now hanging up on my fridge.

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