Friday, June 19, 2009

New challenge

Today a 28 year old woman was admitted to hospice from the palliative care program. When I listened to the admission report, my first response was that this would be way too close to home. I did not feel comfortable being the social worker and, given the family dynamics, I wasn't sure how the family would feel about having a social worker who is just a little older than their daughter. I was initally saved from further pondering as the palliative care social worker was going to keep the patient. Then my supervisor called me this afternoon and said the family did not want the PC social worker to stay involved. And given that this patient is firmly in my territory, the ball was back in my court. After further conversation with my supervisor and a lot of prayer, I agreed to take on this patient. There's a chance she will die over the weekend. And there's a chance that, come Monday, the family won't want further social work involvement. Or it could be that my youth will be to my advantage and will be a good fit for this family. Only time will tell. And at least I have a weekend to come to grips with providing care to someone close to my age. It at least made me realize that it's time to schedule some routine MD visits for myself- how's that for a reality check?

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