Friday, July 17, 2009

Death and Dance

So You Think You Can Dance has given us an incredible 5th season. As my computer has been down, I'm a couple of weeks behind in posting this video but it is well worth watching. Kupono and Kayla did a beautiful job of bringing Sonya Tayeh's choreography to life. Sonya said this is a dark dance in which Kayla is pulling away from death and Kupono is dragging her into it. There seems to be a vampire theme but overall the dance and the song appear to be more about the battle between life and death. The song is "Eyes on Fire" by Blue Foundation. The lyrics, "I won't soothe your pain, I won't ease your strain, You'll be waiting in vain," add to the complexity of the dance. I just hope none of my hospice patients go through something like this!

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