Monday, August 03, 2009

Beautiful H

I have been seeing H, a woman with CHF and dementia, for about 9 months now. She is ever positive and tries to cover up her memory problems. She rarely remembers who the hospice team members are but is always excited to see us. She also dispenses numerous compliments. She especially loves the White Sox lanyard I wear that holds my employee ID. Only she says it is a beautiful necklace. Today the hospice RN and I visited H at the same time. We were sitting outside with her enjoying the nice weather and reminiscing. Some days H can share stories about her days as a teacher, others not so much. Today she did talk a little bit about how she would feel when the school year started back up again. The hospice RN asked H about her college days and then asked for the name of the school. In typical H fashion, she said "It was nice and everyone really liked it." Such a sweetheart!

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