Monday, August 17, 2009

Compassion Fatigue seminar

Speaking of Compassion Fatigue, I received a seminar brochure in the mail today and thought I'd share the information for those of you living in Illinois and Wisconsin. Cross Country Education is offering a seminar titled "Compassion Fatigue: Proven Strategies for Treatment and Self-Care." The seminar will be held 3 times in WI and 3 times in IL, basically spanning the month of October. The timing is ironic but I won't be able to go as I plan on heading to a 3 day conference in Indiana: "Foundations of Bereavement Counseling," which is also in October. Hopefully by October my personal self-care plan will be up and running...stay tuned for details.


SocialWkr24/7 said...

I actually attended that seminar a couple of years ago! It was pretty good and offered some really helpful ways to judge your levels of compassion fatigue and ways to counteract it. Sorry you can't go!

Fran├žoise Mathieu, M.Ed. CCC. Compassion Fatigue Specialist said...

Hi Leigh, I am glad to have stumbled upon your blog and appreciate your humor and honesty about the challenging work that you do. I would love to correspond with you a bit further as I am a compassion fatigue specialist working up in Ontario, Canada and would like to look at the possibility of sending my blog readers to you. My blog is
My email is whp at
I look forward to hearing from you, Regards, Fran├žoise