Sunday, September 06, 2009

Combat Bags

Our local magazine The Glancer featured a gift for cancer patients developed by Suzanne Dwyer. Unfortunately Dwyer does not appear to have a web site at this time so you will have to do your best with your imaginations. Dwyer's sister was diagnosed with breast cancer a year ago. She wanted to find a way to ease the stress of chemo and also encourage her sister. Suzanne looked high and low for a special gift but couldn't find anything that was quite right. So she came up with the Combat Bag, "a bag full of hope and chemo-kicking essentials that patients can carry to and from treatment." The stylish bag (20"w x 12"h x 8.5" d) has handles and a shoulder strap. It comes with a plush blanket, BPA-free water bottle, bandana, 100% natural/organic moisturizer for lips, hands, and feet, and a Combat Bag dog tag. Plus, there's room for personal items, making this bag a good bet for hospital stays or weekend getaways. The bag costs $95, plus shipping and handling. A portion of the proceeds are donated to cancer research. For more information, call 630-615-8585 or email

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