Thursday, October 08, 2009


I was pleasantly surprised to open my newspaper this morning and see Bruce Conley's name on the front page. Bruce has been a long-time friend of my grandparents. We used his funeral home for my great-aunt and grandmother 2 years ago and I was blown away by his compassion and the many personal touches Conley Funeral Home added to the visitation and funeral services. I have heartily recommended Conley's to my patients ever since. No one could have ever guessed that his work would come closer to home. Bruce was diagnosed with cancer in January. The community has rallied around him. His son Ben is now primarily running the funeral home while his dad goes for chemo. The Tribune article touches on how many lives Bruce has touched as a funeral director and grief counselor. Bruce has taken the funeral industry to a new level by recognizing the role it can also play in terms of grief support. "Conley's relationship with survivors often lasted years beyond burial, continuing with birthday cards, counseling, support groups and grief programs at the Conley Farm -- pioneering one of the state's most comprehensive after-care bereavement programs." Bruce is in my thoughts and prayers. I hope that remission will be in his near future.

A 2 minute video in which Bruce shares thoughts from his journal in regards to having cancer:

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