Sunday, October 18, 2009

Cindy Bullens

I was introduced to Cindy Bullen's music at the conference. She wrote the CD "Somewhere Between Heaven and Earth" a few years after the death of her 11 year old daughter. The music is beautifully moving and such an apt expression of grief. She also leads workshops, Somewhere Between Heaven and Earth: Grieving Out Loud. "A bereaved mother's story through word and song, told with heart and soul, and tears and laughter." Listen to music clips on CDBaby. Dr. Jordan played a few of the tracks off the CD to illustrate different points in her grief. The title track affected me the most, lyrics are below.

by Cindy Bullens

I curse the night
I watched you slip away
Wouldn't have done no good
To beg you to stay

You were here beside me
But now you're gone
I'm just trying hard
To carry on

But there's no rhythm in the rain
There's no magic in the moon
There's no power in this pain
Til somewhere between Heaven and Earth
I can find you again

Hearts are broken
And dreams are lost
But I made a promise to love
At any cost

Little did I know
The price was so high
Losing forever
In the blink of an eye

There's no rhythm in the rain
There's no wishes in the stars
there's no power in this pain
Til somewhere between Heaven and Earth
I can hold you again

If I could one more time
Feel your hand in mine
Hear your voice call my name
And whisper sweet good night

Then there'd be rhythm in the rain
There'd be magic in the moon
No such thing as love in vain
And somewhere between Heaven and Earth
You'd be with me again

And I could see you again
And I could hold you again, my baby
Somewhere between Heaven and Earth....
I will see you again

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