Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Doctors and Psychotropics for the Nursing Home Population

As promised, here's Part Two to the Tribune investigation regarding the use of psychotropic medications with the nursing home population. This section examines the lack of sanctions or discipline for doctors who wrongly prescribe psychotropics. It appears the nursing home gets the blame each and every time. And we know that the nursing home isn't taking matters into their own hands for all those instances. I have to say this investigation makes me more impressed with some of the LTCFs I visit on a regular basis. I always look at my patient's psych history and, from my recollection, the records have always been complete. The facility medical directors and doctors visit regularly and generally seem to provide quality care to the residents for the majority of LTCFs I go to. Yes, there are exceptions but the beauty of my expertise is that when a family decides to place their loved one at a LTCF, I can advise them on the MDs that visit the facility and help them make that decision.

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