Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Wednesday afternoons are filled with meetings, generally something to endure. Today however I had a few bright moments. First, during the social service team meeting, the hospice director announced that we will no longer have weeknight on-call for social workers or chaplains! Apparently they finally clued in to what we had been telling them. Rarely was anyone called out on a weeknight (I was just once) and it didn't seem like the best use of our resources. We still have to cover weekends and holidays but this is such a load off of everyone. Thank you, God! Second, IDG was filled with laughter and silliness for no apparent reason. I'm sure anyone looking in would have thought we'd lost our minds but it seemed like the release we all needed to have. Third, during an ELNEC class discussion on communication skills, a point was made regarding talking to children on their level. As soon as this was brought up, the on-call RN simply pointed at me. Then she said, "Leigh, this is your area of expertise." And a palliative care RN chimed in with a similar statement; I've worked with her on a number of palliative patients who are parents, as well as our pediatric hospice patient case. It's nice to be recognized for one of my strengths. I am usually the go-to person for any patient with children or teenagers, whether as the family's social worker or as a resource for my coworkers. Working with children brings me such energy. The new bereavement coordinator wants to empower my role with an upcoming children's grief support group. It probably won't start until spring but she wants me to play a big role. Hopefully the administration will agree!

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