Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pastor practices what he preaches

This video gives the background on Rev. Forrest Church. Church and Carl Lehmann-Haupt developed the idea for Church to examine what it is to live and minister in the face of cancer. Church decided to find out if the advice he had given all those years to others really worked and applied to his own life. He said: "Many people who are dying have an opportunity—but sometimes don't have the imagination to seize. And that is to turn my life…into a prayer, to embrace life, to accept my past and just say 'yes' to it. Not to let the future haunt me, but to be in the moment, aware of the miracle, which is life itself, which would not exist if death was not one of its hinges." Each week a new segment will be featured on AARP. The Prologue is below. Click here for Acceptance and here for Appreciation.

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