Thursday, November 12, 2009

New Book

I learned about this book thanks to my monthly newsletter from Team in Training (from The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.) A TNT participant's patient honoree is featured in Perseverance, which profiles 20 young adults who were diagnosed with childhood cancer. The book shares their life lessons and experiences. I plan to pick up my copy soon!

From the website:
"These honest, first-person accounts lend amazing depth to the inspiring stories of these young men and women. Inside, you'll meet Zac York, who tells of climbing Mount Whitney-on crutches-after battling brain cancer. You'll meet Alex Oden, who-just days after brain surgery-gave his 8th grade peers a graduation speech called "A Day Well Spent," in which he challenged them to make a difference in just one day. You'll meet Kristen Jones, who, while battling leukemia, was able to pass the MCAT and pursue her dream of becoming a pediatric oncologist.

Twenty unique and fascinating stories, with one common theme: perseverance. The stories of these heroes demonstrate how anyone can learn to live with energy and passion, regardless of the obstacles to be faced, and will remind us all that now is everything."

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