Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Notes Left Behind

I stumbled across the story of 6 year old Elena Desserich who died of brain cancer in 2007. After her death, her parents came across hundreds of notes left by Elena throughout the house, in between CD cases, dresser drawers, and so on. It is mind blowing to think of this little girl planting these notes, a final legacy. How did she decide to do this? How did she feel as she hid her notes, knowing they likely wouldn't be found until after her death? What a beautiful gift for the family! Her parents have now published a book Notes Left Behind. Proceeds from the book will benefit The Cure Starts Now, an organization dedicated to fighting pediatric brain cancer.

Below is the Today Show interview with the Desserich family.


SocialWrkr24/7 said...

You totally scooped me! I just read this story and was going to blog about it! ;)

What an amazing kid.

Mrs. Basement said...

what a crafty precious little mind, thanks for sharing