Monday, November 09, 2009

Patient Round Up

A sampling of my recent patients:

A former high school football coach

An author being cared for by her 30 year old daughter (I try not to imagine myself in the same shoes)

A man who stood up the Mafia 40 years ago and still lives- though he wouldn't put it past them to come looking for him

A restaurant owner in the process of handing the reins over to his son

A spitfire of a woman who raised a family and worked her whole life, who refuses to believe that cancer will take her down in the end

A former cop who became an auction assistant after retiring. Hoarder that he was, he took home any unsold items...his family is having quite the task of clearing out his home

A structural engineer who designed some of the expressways in Chicago back in the day

I love listening to everyone's life stories and hope that my own history will be similarly rich someday.

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