Monday, December 14, 2009

Goal Work

The other day I took a patient and his wife to Africa. Or rather I took Africa to them. No longer able to travel, this patient particularly regretted never having been to Africa or getting to experience a safari. Thanks to the library, I found the DVD set "Untamed Africa" which allowed us to see the wildlife up close. I also rented 2 African music CDs to play during lunch. And then I cooked West African Chicken Stew and South African Malvapoeding, which were both big hits. Of course, this can't completely make up for an actual trip to Africa but I figure it's worth a glimpse. The patient and his wife really enjoyed themselves, which is what really matters. And I was literally in heaven during this visit: helping a patient meet a goal and cooking for others. I wanted to pinch myself. This is the kind of day I need to remember when burn out starts to creep in.


SocialWrkr24/7 said...

You are AMAZING! Really, well done!

Thandi said...

Good going.I'm S African.Had no idea malva pudding wasn' 'international' LOL.

Anatolia said...

I'm sure your work meant the world to them.