Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Babette's Scarf

I've had the pleasure of knowing "Babette" for a few months now. I usually visit with her for a couple of hours and send her daughter and son-in-law out to run errands or just spend time with each other outside of their home. Babette has an amazing life story and I love soaking in her wisdom. Confidentiality prevents me from telling some of the more unusual aspects of her life, unfortunately. She immigrated from eastern Europe when she was a teenager; her father was already in the US and sent for her. When she arrived, she found out that he had died. Can you imagine being in that predicament? The precursors to WWII were starting back home so she couldn't send for the rest of her family either. She met and married her husband, who then joined the military and fought during the war. She raised her family, weathering several losses. She has a truly positive attitude. She is accepting of her decline and feels ready to die. Last week, in fact, she told me when she goes to bed at night she hopes she won't wake up and that she is disappointed when she wakes up in the morning. Babette had a bit of adjusting to do when she first became ill; she felt a lack of purpose. She was used to working on projects and staying active. When I first visited, she told me she didn't want to start something and then get too sick to finish it. However, it didn't take much to convince her to start out slow and pay attention to what her body was telling her. Her daughter helped her with some sewing projects and Babette started crocheting again.

There was a few week gap between visits while I was on vacation because of the way my trip fell. When I returned from North Carolina, Babette was so happy to see me. She told me to go out to the kitchen and get her the scarf. I thought she was cold so I found the scarf and brought it in to her room. She told me she had made it for me! Babette crocheted scarves for the hospice RN and volunteer as well, plus one final scarf for her daughter. She said mine was the second to last scarf she made and she knew her crocheting days were done, her hands were too stiff now. She said she and her daughter had been paying attention to what clothes I wore each week so they could pick the right color. How sweet is that? She finished it while I was in NC and then anxiously waited for me to come back so she could give it to me. I've worn it just about every day since she gave it to me last month. Such a precious, warm gift.

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Jerry said...

What a gift - literally and figuratively.