Friday, February 12, 2010

Self-Care Update

I confessed a while back that I had become burned out. Some of you made helpful suggestions and asked me to write out a self-care plan. I had the best of intentions of sharing my self-care plan with you all but somehow life carried on, I was refreshed, and it got lost in the shuffle. However, I just completed an e-course that has helped me in so many ways that I can't help but share it with you all.

Shannon Kinney-Duh created the month-long Inside Out e-course. I liked the premise of using art and journaling as a means of self-discovery. Five days a week there are daily writing, art and creative play exercises. The writing exercises really help us in examining our strengths, passions, and the direction we want our lives to take. But it also helps us to enjoy the present moment, to be still, to breathe. The course also has weekly guided meditations and yoga tips. One neat aspect is our private class blog and Facebook group.

I've always had a creative side but since grad school, I've been lax about expressing that side of me. One of my intentions when I started the e-course was to figure out a place in my apartment where my art supplies would be more accessible. They were in the back of my closet, which was a handy storage space but did not promote actually using anything. Since I live in apartment, there's not a lot of free space but the supplies are now next to my stereo where I used to keep paper waiting to be recycled. Success! I have realized all over again my joy in painting, doodling, and sketching. And more importantly, this is a huge stress reliever! I had completely forgotten how relaxing it was to create. I learned many other things through Inside Out but that's for another time and another place. My challenge to you is to consider whether art and/or journaling can find a place in your self-care routine.

The next Inside Out e-course starts April 5. Registration opened February 4. I would highly encourage you to give it a try no matter what your background is, no matter how creative (or uncreative as the case may be) you may be. You can email Shannon with questions at livefreely @ mac dot com. The video below has highlights of some of the class member's journal pages and our group manifesto.


Jason Evan Mihalko, Psy.D. said...

You've made me think of the art supplies that I have stuffed in the back of my closet. I wonder how many of us do that? The e-course looks great. Maybe jsut what I need to encourage me to open up some tubes of paint!

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