Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Free at Last!

A new patient was admitted one night and I planned to see her that morning since it sounded like she might only last a few days. However, you know what happens to the best laid plans. The hospice CNA was visiting and let the hospice RN know the patient was a few breaths away from dying. I arrived at the facility to find out the patient had indeed died; they were in the process of notifying the family. The daughter came to the room shortly thereafter and went straight to her mom's bedside.

"Oh, Mom- you did it! You're finally free!" She was tearful but smiling. Not the reaction you might expect but as I learned more about the patient and her loving family, it was so fitting. The patient had Alzheimer's and per the family, her quality of life was very lacking. The patient had watched her sister die from Alzheimer's 10 years ago and thanked God that she seemed to have escaped that fate. Only it was not to be and the family watched in horror as a once vibrant woman became lost and confused. As the family gathered, they all echoed the sentiment that this woman was finally free of her diseased and dying body and now in heaven with a perfect body.

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