Saturday, April 03, 2010

The Beach

Close your eyes.
Let your body relax and become heavy.
Hear yourself take long, gentle cleansing breaths
until soft natural breathing takes over.

You are standing on a silent road at the edge of an empty beach.
There are no people in sight and the beach is yours.
With your eyes closed, you raise your head toward the sun,
high in the blue sky,
and feel its warmth on your face.
The sun's rays erase all of your worries, your tension, your distraction.
There is only you and the beach before you.

You slowly move forward to the edge of the sand.
You remove your shoes and are now barefoot.
As you step into the sand, feel it on your feet.
It is soft and loose and warm and dry.
It feels comforting to your skin and you sink in as you step.

You stand still for a moment to experience your surroundings.
The day is fair and bright.
There is a light, warm breeze that moves in little swirls around your body.
It moves through your hair and your clothes and allows you
to feel free and unrestrained.

You can smell the seashore and you can hear seagulls a short distance away.
Feel the sun's rays on your head and on your back,
between your shoulders.

Listen to the gentle waves as they move along the edge of the sand.
Watch them roll in and out, in rhythm with your breathing.

You move closer to the water's edge.
Feel the sand under your feet as it becomes firmer and cooler.
Your feet no longer sink into the sand
but leave little puddles as you step.
The cool wetness seeps between your toes.

You move to the edge of the water and it washes over your feet.
The water is a perfect temperature for your body.
You step slowly deeper.
The level rises to your knees and then to your waist.
Be aware of the waves caressing your body and let them move you.

You gently lay forward into the water
and realize that you can breathe and see as naturally as if you were on land.
Float, and the let the rhythm of the water rock you as you gaze under the surface.
See the light of the sun as it breaks through the water
and reflects on the bottom.

You are totally relaxed and moving with the water's motion.
Now, lean back and float effortlessly with your face to the sky.
Feel the sun's rays as they dry your forehead.
Feel the serenity in your mind and body.
You are safe.
You are supported effortlessly and you stay in this place as long as you desire.
You are at peace...

*Please read background on Guided Imagery before using this with clients.

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