Sunday, April 11, 2010

Everyone's Friend

I do not have much personal experience with little people. What I do know is second hand information gathered from school or shows like "Little People, Big World." And this is why I know some little people preferred to be called little people, while others prefer their specific type, such as dwarf. I now have a patient who is a dwarf and prefers to be called so. He lives at a nursing home and is well loved by the staff there. Locally he is well known for his artistic talents and has won a number of awards and has been featured in the papers several times. He has letters from presidents dating back to Ford and even an original Reagan campaign button. His room is a treasure trove of art and information. He shows visitors his memorabilia. And then he hands out a business card and a pencil that lists his name followed by "Everyone's Friend." Indeed, this patient is so gregarious that the pencil seems fitting. He has a wicked sense of humor and regaled me with stories about he used his height difference to his advantage with the ladies. He is hoping to finish a few more of his paintings, hoping he can walk again, hoping for the best. I look forward to continue getting to know him better.

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