Saturday, May 08, 2010


That's how many work days I have left!  I can hardly believe it.  Last night my Bucket List patient and his wife threw me a goodbye party.  I've admitted I don't have much by way of boundaries left with this couple.  I will certainly miss my weekly visits and helping "Jim" progress in his Bucket List.  He's knocked 20 + items off his list, with about 5 or 6 left to go.  The hospice RN has said she'll do her best to help him in my absence.  They haven't hired my replacement so I tried to pick an MSW that will be supportive for "Jan," as she relies heavily on me.  Jim and Jan are sad that I'm leaving but excited for the opportunities in Nashville.  Somehow I ended up cooking Pasta Carbonara for everyone- one last time in their kitchen.  The hospice team was there, as well as the former bereavement coordinator whom I adore, plus my parents.  And even though it was ostensibly in my honor, I felt like it was just a nice evening to gather together and eat good food.

Sunday night will be my last time on-call for hospice and I'm crossing my fingers the phone will stay quiet.  I probably just jinxed myself!  In the next 8 work days, I will try to see the remainder of my caseload that needs May visits (I think around 20 to go), plus wrap things up with 4 bereavement clients.  They aren't giving me any new patients anymore so that is a relief.  I can just focus on the people in front of me.  I also have to finish Stones into Schools for my Three Cups of Tea patient- just 40 pages to go.  We'll end with a tea party, as we did for the conclusion of Mortenson's first book.  The patient is less aware and sleeping more but every once in awhile she gives us an indication that she has been paying attention to the story.  I feel like it matters more to her husband that we finish reading the book but I'm interested to see how it ends too.  Beyond all this, I have to finish my charting, enter IDT notes one last time, and complete my exit interview and whatever else HR requires.  I think it's doable.  But I haven't factored in saying goodbye to my favorite patients or my coworkers.  It's best to stay in denial for now...

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