Monday, May 24, 2010

Last Day

My last day of work was May 19.  I moved to Nashville the next day.  And now I'm unpacking and doing all the things one must do when they're settling in to a new place.  My last day of work was actually anticlimactic.  I saw my Bucket List patient and his wife one last time.  They gave me my favorite Irish Breakfast tea and we reminisced about all that was accomplished in the almost 2 years that I have been visiting them.  My employer still had not hired my replacement so I have been prepping all my patients that my caseload has been divided between the other 3 social workers and that they will likely not be seen on the same visit frequency because of this, unless there is an urgent need.  Most of my patients have been sad to lose me but excited by this new opportunity.  Of course, I worry about how some of my "favorites" will do without me but it's out of my hands.  At least the position has been posted and a couple of resumes have already been submitted.  Hopefully the remaining social workers will only be strained for a short time.

After visiting the patient, I headed to the office for an afternoon of meetings.  The psychosocial meeting was at noon and made me glad to be leaving because of some of the changes administration/Medicare wants to introduce.  Like charting on our laptops in front of patients.  Um, no thank you.  I can see how doctors or nurses might benefit from this but laptops are often perceived as barriers.  And if my job is to listen and be supportive, I don't want any barriers getting in the way of that!  True, some families might not mind or you might be able to sneak into a corner after the visiting is done to chart but it just doesn't seem right to me.

After that meeting, it was pretty well time for ICC.  A few of the nurses surprised me with goodies in honor of my last day.  Including a cookie cake with White Sox flags.  Do they love me or what?  In between discussing patients, I finished my charting, cleared my laptop, and gathered everything to be turned in.  And when the meeting was over, I hugged my coworkers goodbye amidst promises to keep in touch and then walked out the door.  I felt free.  I felt ready for the next chapter.  (Next chapter to be revealed soon!)

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karen gerstenberger said...

I'm sad for your patients, but happy for you. And I LOVE that you have your own strong feeling about that laptop advisory. NOT GOOD! Why couldn't you go out to your car and do it immediately following the visit? I agree with you wholeheartedly. Good instincts, and please continue to listen to them!
God bless you as you begin the "next chapter."