Saturday, May 15, 2010

Nail spa?

What's something you wouldn't expect to happen on a routine visit?  I went to see a woman who had just celebrated her 95th birthday earlier this week.  She had received boatloads of flowers, cookies, and make-up as gifts.  She showed me her prettily painted pink fingernails and then asked me if I wanted some nail polish. I explained that I don't paint my fingernails because it chips off too easily- I don't like to make the effort.  Initially she accepted this reply but then she continued to ask me about doing my nails.  So finally I asked her if she wanted to do my nails.  She lit up like a Christmas tree!  She got out all the necessary tools, opened the nail polish, and then stopped.  "I can't see too good," she admitted.  I encouraged her that it was OK, we didn't have to paint my nails.  Well, she wouldn't have that.  She called her daughter over and directed her to do my nails.  The daughter and I were chuckling to ourselves because it clearly didn't matter to me if my nails were done or not...but since it mattered to this lady, I relented.  And so it was that a patient's daughter painted my nails in pink.

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