Saturday, June 12, 2010

Air Ambulance Network

Air Ambulance Network's website is a treasure trove of flight options for those who are critically ill and medically stable.  Sure, you can arrange a commercial flight on your own but there is a host of paperwork that you must have in order, especially if the patient needs any portable equipment.  This is where Air Ambulance Network comes in.  They will arrange for the required medical clearance from the airline, book tickets for the patient and family member(s), coordinate with attending and received facilities, set up ground transportation, arrange for necessary portable equipment, and arrange for aeromedically trained personnel. They require 7 to 10 days notice so they will have time to make the necessary arrangements.  The Medical Escort Service is for patients that are medically stable but require basic monitoring, oxygen, assistance in the bathroom or with hygiene, administration of medications, and assistance with boarding and departing the plane.  Air Ambulances are available for the most basic patient to the critically ill or injured patient.  Click here to request a quote.

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