Sunday, June 27, 2010

Under Construction

I've written about protecting patient confidentiality before.  Now that I have a new job in a new place, I've decided to take confidentiality one step further and make this blog a little more "anonymous."  A while back I created a personal blog and played around with Blogger on what was and wasn't connected to me.  I've decided to permanently separate those blogs now.  If I was following your blog and you are a social worker or work in end of life care, I've temporarily stopped following your blog under the current settings.  Don't worry!  Once these changes are in effect, I'll start following again under this blog only.  Confused?  I am too.  The long and short of it is that I need to separate my blogs and ensure that my name is not associated with this blog.  I do welcome any and all emails but they will be going to a new account.  I just hope that I can make the proper changes without accidentally deleting this blog!  I do plan to continue blogging my experiences here but I may not be able to share as much as I did while working for hospice.  I plan to discuss this with my supervisor tomorrow and see what other safeguards I can take.  Thanks for all your support as I continue through orientation!  I do have more of a hospice/bereavement backlog so keep your eyes peeled for those posts, hopefully sprinkled in with more of my new experiences.

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