Sunday, August 15, 2010

Hospice Social Work Blog

There's another hospice social work blogger in town. She can be found over at Social Work Helps. She appears to work at a rural hospice and is also getting her Masters in Social Work right now. FYI, you can work as a hospice social worker with just your BSW. All this keeps her busy so she only posts a couple of times a month. Still, I'm sure she would appreciate support from the Palliative and Hospice blogging community.

In one of her first posts, she notes: "there are many things that we can do to prepare ourselves so that the end of our lives are as non-stressful as possible. People on their deathbed shouldn’t have to worry about Medicaid applications. They shouldn’t have to worry about paying for a Notary or appointing a power of attorney. They should all be able to focus their energy on their family, preparing for the next life, and dying peacefully, pain-free, and worry-free. It really is important to figure those things out now, so that we have the time and energy later in life to focus on what really matters at that time." A great observation for someone who was only a month in to the job!

And social workers everywhere, regardless of specialty, will appreciate her response to people who want her to "fix" patients.

Be sure to check her out and leave a comment of support!


LBSW said...

Hey, thanks for the shout out! I really appreciate it. I'm just working on getting my Hospice Social Work blog up and running. I have to say, I find your blog pretty inspiring, especially as I read posts from the beginning of your blog up to the current ones. It's inspiring to how much you've grown in your profession.

LeighSW said...

No problem! It's nice to have you join the hospice/palliative blogging community, especially since I've moved on to new territory. Email me if you ever have any questions!