Friday, August 27, 2010

Top 50 Blogs for Social Work Professionals

I found out today that Confessions of a Young (Looking) Social Worker was listed in's Top 50 Blogs for Social Work Professionals. developed the list to provide resources to current MSW students, as well as first-hand accounts of those of us in the trenches. I'm #31! Which I just realized is ironically close to my age. In any case, I am so honored to be featured amongst my peers. There are a number of notable blogs on the list that I already follow and a few more that I'm eager to start reading. Please do yourself a favor by taking time to read the descriptions and learning about these wonderful social work bloggers.

If this is your first time browsing here, allow me to give you a brief background. I was a hospice social worker and child/teen bereavement specialist for 5 years. I loved it! I started this blog about 4 years ago, originally so friends and family could learn about my work and play. Then, a couple of years ago, Christian Sinclair at discovered I was going to take my patient skydiving and this blog hasn't been the same since. I realized that more people within the health care and social work communities were starting to take notice and began the process of making this blog purely professional.

This brings us back to present day. A few months ago I moved to Nashville on a leap of faith and landed my dream job. I'm a pediatric social worker working with children who have brain tumors, Sickle Cell disease, and other hematological disorders. To say that I'm in the right place is an understatement. I still have close ties to the hospice world though. You can expect to read a mishmash of pediatric and hospice-related posts.

So please, take a moment to peruse and familiarize yourself with this young (looking) social worker. Become a follower so you can stay tuned with my latest post. And please offer feedback because the beauty of any blog is the opportunity to learn from one another.

Thanks for stopping by!


risaden said...

Congratulations! Well deserved.

Christian Sinclair, MD said...

Was that (skydiving post) really a turning point in this blog? I had not realize it was a good thing!

Congrats on being recognized! Do you know or follow many others on the list. What SW blogs do you follow?

karen gerstenberger said...

Congratulations! That's wonderful news. You will be able to bless even more patients, families and colleagues.