Thursday, October 14, 2010


The other day the mother of a patient told me I've done a 1000 times more in my short time there than my predecessor ever did. That made me feel great! But also sad that some of my patients were underserved before.

Tomorrow my work "honeymoon" ends. I have my first day call. My first night call is next Thursday. Thankfully, my first weekend call isn't until January. I told my boss I've really enjoyed not dealing with on-call for the past 5+ months. No keeping my schedule open, no stress, no on-call nerves. It's been beautiful. Still, this is part of the job so I will suck it up and do it. One day and one night call a month and 2 or 3 weekends a year isn't that bad. Is it?

I've been hard at work at compiling a resource list for cancer patients. At first it was only resources my patients can use. Then I realized I was looking up organizations a few times after parents would ask me about them so this list includes everything, all states. If I hear about it, it's going on the list. Once it's done, I'll post a version of it here so be on the look out!

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danielle {mama} said...

I just wanted to say I am so grateful that I came across your blog. My mother died from cancer after a 3 year fight, and I was a primary caregiver for her in my mid twenties. I have decided that I want to devote my life and future career to helping other young adults that are faced with this situation. Reading your blog has provided me with much inspiration to go through with my dreams. I hold the hospice staff close to my heart and when I finish my degree in social work/ end of life ethics I hope to work for hospice care at some point. I look forward to reading more!